Concursul International de Sah Turneul Regilor Romgaz

The Kings Tournament, an event of success, where Romgaz is involved together with the Elisabeta Polihroniade Sports Club Association, has become one of the most appreciated competition of its kind worldwide, being recognized by the Romanian Chess Federation as well as the International Chess Federation (FIDE), and in 2010 it was admitted as the strongest world tournament (GSCA) within the Grand Slam due to the exceptional conditions ensured by the organizers.

Romgaz has also supported this year’s edition (8th) of the international professional chess competitionKings Tournament, which took place in the period November 22 - 26, 2014. The format of the Kings Tournament’s latest edition was a team competition, a match between the reigning Olympic Team Champion of China and the Olympic Team of Romanian, organized under the Scheveningen system, where each player on one team plays each player on the other team.

The House of Natural Gas hosted in Medias the only Grand Slam tournament played in Romania, having the umpirage coordinated by the renowned Faik Gasanov (Azerbaijan) and seconded by Radu Chirila, international referee.

Within the Kings Tournament, the 2014 edition, the chess tournament Open Romgaz was organized at the Middle School No. 5, the Sports Hall, opened to all fans of the King Sport. The prize competition was organized on age categories, 1st to 4th grade, 5th to 8thgrade, high school, seniors and veterans, in seven rounds of 15 minutes/ player. Over 170 players from the counties of Sibiu, Alba and Mures participated in the competition, which is registered at the Romanian Chess Federation.

By investing in intelligence, the organizers of this competition would like to continue the tradition started in 2007, with the 1st edition of the Kings Tournament, but especially to promote the mind sport in Romania.