Cooperation in Romania

Within the borders of Romania, Romgaz is co-titleholder of rights and obligations in 15 petroleum concessions.

In these 15 blocks, Romgaz performs its activity under Joint Operation Agreements concluded with the respective partners, as follows:

11 petroleum exploration and development blocks in the Moesica platform and Getica depression, where Romgaz performs production rehabilitation activities along with Amromco Energy S.R.L;

2 petroleum exploration-development-production  concentrated in the North-East of the country, Brodina (exploration area and production area) and Bacau, where Romgaz develops petroleum activities together with:

Aurelian Petroleum and Europa Oil&Gas within Brodina block – exploration area;

Raffles Energy in Brodina – production area;

Raffles Energy and Europa Oil&Gas in Bacau perimeter.

2 petroleum exploration-development-production off-shore blocks on the continental platform of the Black Sea (EX 29 EST RAPSODIA and EX 30 TRIDENT) in partnership with Lukoil Overseas Atash B.V.

    At the same time, Romgaz cooperates in the Laslau Mare block in the Transylvania basin with Schlumberger Logelco Inc, under an Agreement for association without legal personality, for production rehabilitation by reserve enhancement on Laslău Mare field.

    Cooperation Outside Romania

    Romgaz is co-titleholder of petroleum rights and obligations in 3 exploration blocks from Slovakia and 2 exploration blocks from Poland.

    Romgaz holds an interest share of 25% in the three exploration blocks from Slovakia, namely Svidnik, Medzilaborce and Snina, and an interest share of 30% in the two blocks from Poland, namely Torzym and Cybinka.

    Romgaz is focused on extending its operations outside Romania by acquiring petroleum rights and obligations for petroleum exploration, development and production operations, with an aim to record the first gas and oil reserves outside Romania.