• Petroleum agreements for 9 onshore exploration blocks (about 17,650 km² across the Transylvania, Moldova, Oltenia and Muntenia basins) with 100% working interests
  • Major projects in Transilvania (Cris, Laslau Mare, Deleni Deep), Moldova (Frasin Deep), Muntenia (Caragele Deep) in deep reservoirs

Overall in 2015:

  • 3D seismic services acquired on a surface of 912 km²
  • Drilling of  total 31 new exploration wells
  • Drilling of  three wells in the Black Sea (East Rapsodia  and Trident blocks) 
  • 3D seismic  interpretation in progress  for the volume acquired in all period
  • Development programme in progress for 36 new wells successfully tested; 15 wells already in production test to evaluate c.14 bcm 2C contingent resources
  • 10% interest in offshore exploration in the Black Sea with Lukoil and Pan Atlantic (Trident) for c. 1,000 km². Lira discovery new data assessment, geological background reanalysis and future appraisal wells design

Consistent 2016 drilling work program for c. 20 new potential accumulations as follows:​

  • Latest developments:
  • Completed development of Cris discovery (December 2015)
  • Finalized production tests with success for 2 new discoveries, Tapu and Laslau Deep
  • Continued exploration & development work of Caragele structural complex
  • Drilling of two wells with objective more than 4000m in Moesian Platform are in progress​