Natural gas production

  • Three production areas: Transylvanian Basin (around 90% of production); Muntenia Moesian Platform and Moldavia Platform
  • 25 fields hold about 70% of Romgaz reserves (average size of proved reserves per average field is of 450 million m3, with 17 fields with over 1 bcm)
  • Recovery factors between 55% and 85% for most fields (90% in the more mature fields)
  • Six gas storage facilities – native gas acts as cushion gas in the storage process

We consolidated our gas production potential to 15.6 mln cm / day

Production decline rate stabilized at bellow 1% due to:

  • Installation of gas compression and production enhancement/rehabilitation
  • Acquisition of 3D seismic data, dynamic and static reservoir modelling
  • Production from new discoveries

Overall in 2015:

  • 2 new discoveries accounting jointly for 3% of Romgaz’ daily production
  • Compressor station commissioned - access to additional 0.50 bcm (c.9% of the annual output)
  • We consider that production decline is linked solely to the weak gas demand 


  • Selected fields: (i) compression added Bazna, Filitelnic, Tg. Mures, (ii) production rehabilitation (Nades, Laslau, Roman) and (iii) 17 new producing fields;
  • Production enhancement includes activities focused mainly on well workovers and new completion techniques.