Natural gas production

  • Romgaz natural gas production activities are performed by the two production branches with the headquarters in Medias and Tg. Mures, operating together over 140 commercial fields, located in Transylvania, Moldova, Oltenia and Muntenia.
  • Romgaz production branches are set up in 14 production departments: Filitelnic, Delenii, Medias, Roman, Danes, Agnita, Cristur (Medias branch)  and  Sangiorgiu de Mures, Sarmasel, Grebenis, Sangiorgiu de Padure, Taga, Muntenia and Oltenia (Tg. Mures branch).
  • These fields produce through 3240 wells and complex surface facilities made up of gathering pipes, gas heaters, impurities separators, compressors, dehydration stations and gas metering panels.

The 2018 annual program for petroleum operations considered the gas demand dynamics, reactivation, recompletion and workover operations, bringing in production wells resulted from exploration activities and production wells, maintenance programs of compressor stations and of dehydration stations, commissioning of new compressor units and the dynamics of import gas flows injected

The company’s gas production was higher than the 2017 production (5,333 million m3 vs 5,158 million m3). According to estimates, this production ensured Romgaz a 50.67% market share of internal production gas deliveries for consumption and a 45.98% share of deliveries for Romania’s total consumption.

The production of 5,333 million m3 was by 3.4%, namely 175 million m3 higher than the planned one, triggered by:

investments made for extension/upgrading of surface facilities; commissioning a new metering panel for delivering gas into the NTS and a new gathering pipeline for Caragele led to a production increase of 500 thousand m3/day;

continuous production rehabilitation of the main mature fields Filitelnic, Delenii, Laslău, Sădinca, Nadeş-Prod-Seleuş, Roman, Corunca Sud, Târgu Mureş, Grebeniş, Piscu Stejari-Hurezani;

bringing in new wells, performing workover and well recompletion operations.