Responsibility towards Environment

ROMGAZ is constantly focusing its efforts on satisfying the customers’ requirements and mitigating the environmental impact of activity, ensuring a clean environment for the future generations.

Romgaz vision to maintain its position as leader on the national gas production market  is assumed under the Quality and Environment Policy Statement 

We continuously strive to improve efficiency of the environmental protection activity as support of the Romgaz managerial process by:

  • Pollution prevention;
  • Implementation of environmental protection programmes;
  • Maintaining and constant enhancement of environment performances;
  • Periodical analysis of environment performance in order to monitor the progress made by Romgaz.

We act so as to: 
Diminishing the consumption of utilities and materials, as well as the level of polluting emissions;

  • Comply with the legal and regulation requirements by operating in a responsible manner towards the environment;

  • Integrate environmental aspects in all decision-making processes;
  • Communicate and cooperate with all suppliers and interested parties in order to mitigate the environmental impact of their operations;
  • Promote respect towards the environment in harmony with economic growth, in each strategic decision;

We invest in: 

  • Closed collecting systems for reservoir waters during well exploitation;
  • Closed systems for separation of reservoir water from gas at wells under production tests (lifting/swabbing, etc.), re-completion, interventions;
  • Compressor replacing/revamping with an aim of diminishing the consumption of electric power, gas, oils and technological water, as well as the level  of noise/vibration;
  • Gas dehydration process with a minimum consumption of power an raw material;
  • Means of transport with low fuel consumption;
  • Waste management by reusing;
  • Well abandonment and restoring land to its former condition  as agricultural land;
  • Building /upgrading sewage/industrial water purifying plants and reuse of water in the technological flow;
  • Construction of injection wells;
  • Eliminating gas losses during transmission;
  • Best quality pipelines/ valves with the aim of eliminating costs related to current and capital repairs;
  • Studies referring to landslide with a view of preventing production accidents.

We opt for:

  • Orientation towards “green acquisitions”;
  • Promoting technologies for carbon dioxide capture and underground storage (depleted gas reservoirs), Romgaz being co-opted to secure and prepare that large-scale project;
  • Using the best and most efficient available technologies in investment decisions, from an economic and environmental point of view.

Future Projects: 

ROMGAZ has extended its business scope by acquiring the Iernut power plant, the only exclusively gas-fired power plant in Romania, hence becoming an electric power producer and supplier. Therefore, Romgaz has set as objective, to be accomplished under future projects, compliance with the emission levels provided by Government Decision 440/2010 by assuming an investment regarding a 400 MW power group using the combined cycle gas turbine technology to be implemented in the period 2014-2016. 

The effects on the National Power System will be:

  • Use of clean and high efficiency technologies;
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Power injection in the region of Transylvania.