ROMGAZ Conference Call 2020 26 02 2021

ROMGAZ Conference Call – 2020 Peliminary Results

February 26, 2021, 1:00 PM (Romania time)


The participation to ROMGAZ Conference Call will be done through ROMGAZ GoToWebinar platform. Below, you will find information on how to register and  join the Conference Call.


HOW TO REGISTER – Access the link:


To participate in the Conference Call, online registration is mandatory and can be done anytime, preferably with at least 1 day before the start of the Conference Call, as it also involves ROMGAZ's approval of the registration of the participants. If this requirement is not met, we can not guarantee the registration and connection to the conference call.

After registering you will receive a confirmation email with information relating to participation in the Conference Call, namely a link to connect to the Conference Call and details for audio options. If the confirmation email is not received by 9 am, next day,  please contact the organizer at  and provide an alternate email address.


For a short familiarization with platform GotoWebinar, please access the link:


JOINING THE CONFERENCE CALL – Access the link from the email received after registration

The connection in the Conference Call can be made on February 26, 12:00 PM (Romania time), using a PC/laptop with headphones and microphone or a smartphone by the free application GoToWebinar.

We recommend that you test the connectivity, audio options and how to address questions in the run-up to conference call (starting at 12:00 PM).

Audio options are the following:

  • Using a headset with microphone connected to your PC or smartphone

By phone, calling +40 31 780 1160

  •  (for Romania local call, with normal charging) or by calling one of the international numbers with normal charging toll, provided in the application.




In case of phone connection, after initiating the call, enter Access Code (9 digits) followed by # and Audio Pin (1-3 digits) followed by #. These codes are unique to each participant and will be displayed after online connection to the conference call choosing the option to connect audio by phone call.


ATTENTION:  For the telephone connection to work, it is essential to maintain the online connection to the teleconference application.



Options for questioning:


  • Option RAISE HAND on PC or application GotoWebinar / Smartphone;

The participant will press Raise Hand located to the right above), thus signaling its intention to take the floor. The Conference Call administrator will give the floor to participantsat a time, in chronological order of requests;


  • By sending an instant chat message or in app GotoWebinar PC/Smartphone.


To avoid interruptions, we recommend that you set audio headset and microphone option on your PC or smartphone.



Thank you !