The Sibiu International Theatre Festival


The Sibiu International Theatre Festival, is one of the grandest annual theatrical festivals in Romania and the third in Europe. This cultural festival offer is rich and dense, with representations given by famous theatres from Romania and from abroad.  

Each festival edition focuses on a contemporary topic, this year the topic will be “Communities”. 

There will be street shows, in the old city and in the fortified medieval citadels and churches from Sibiu neighborhood, theatre-dance shows, flamenco, ballet, contemporary dances, puppet shows, light shows, music shows and pantomime. Conferences, debates and workshops will be organized, there will be photo and painting exhibitions, book release and new installations will be launched. The events will take place both in conventional and unconventional spaces, turning the city into the genuine world cultural capital.  

Romania President and the representative of the European Commission for Education, Training, Culture and Youth will patronize the event.  

The XVIIIth edition of  Sibiu International Theatre Festival will be in progress between  27 May - 5 June 2011 and will gather companies from  70 countries, that will bring out over 300 shows in over 60 spaces, 60,000 onlookers being expected. 

The unique quality opening show will be “The Idiot”, by Feodor Dostoevsky.