Sibiu Jazz Festival

The “Sibiu Jazz Festival”, is unique in Romania, due to its longevity, consistency and the impressive number of celebrities participating. 
The first editions of the National Jazz Festival were held in Ploiesti, in the early 70’s. 1974 was the decisive year for the festival, when it was moved to Sibiu, where it has been respectfully backed up. It is the oldest festival of this type in Romania and one of the oldest jazz festivals in the world, for this reason Sibiu has been surnamed Romania’s „JazzCapital”.  
In 1977, the Festival became international, a group of Czechoslovakian musicians attending it.  Four years later, the first Open Air Jam Session in Romania was organized during the Festival.
Along the four decades, the International Jazz Festival from Sibiu has confirmed its fame of genuine annual gala of jazz and contemporary improvised music. 
The 41st edition took place between 8 – 15 May 2011.