The "Travelling Piano" Tour

The great composer and pianist Franz Liszt had a concert tour in Romania, in 1846 and 1847. The concerts, held forth by Liszt to communities who had rare such moments, were enthusiastically welcomed.  The very arrival of Liszt to cities such as Timisoara, Arad, Cluj, Iasi or Bucharest was a top level event. In Timisoara, for instance, a triumphal arch was especially built, in the square in front of the Cathedral, with "Welcome Franz Liszt" imprinted on it. The Erard piano, used for these concerts, was itinerant, travelling with Liszt. Many concerts were humanitarian, Liszt donated his honorarium to the poor or to musician associations. 

The pianist Horia Mihail started his career in his native city Braşov, interpreting the Piano Concerto in D major by J. Haydn, at the age of 10. Since then, he has given concerts with almost all the Romanian philharmonic orchestras, including the "G. Enescu" Philharmonic Orchestra from Bucharest and the National Radio Orchestra. In the United States he was the soloist of Boston Pops Orchestra, Topeka Symphony, Boston University Symphony and University of Illinois Symphony.

Since 2002 he has been the soloist of Braşov Philharmonic Orchestra, a member of Romanian Piano Trio, besides Alexandru Tomescu and Răzvan Suma and associate professor at the "Transylvania" University from Braşov. He was a visiting professor at the Tanglewood International Music Festival, organized by Boston Symphony Orchestra in cooperation with Boston University.