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Consolidarea percepției pozitive asupra sportului de performanţă, cunoașterea importanței practicării sportului în viaţa comunității, precum şi însușirea sportului ca pe un act de comportament cotidian, prin promovarea unor valori precum voința, perseverența, leadership-ul, disciplina, sănătatea şi performanța sportivă.

Popularizarea sportului şi a competiției sportive conduce la dezvoltarea şi perfecționarea omului ca membru al societăţii, indiferent de ramura sportivă practicată, iar valorile pe care sportul de performanţă le reprezintă, conduc la dezvoltarea şi perfecționarea omului ca membru al societăţii, iar valorile pe care sportul le reprezintă, devin instrumente esențiale de integrare socială şi de îmbunătățire a calităţii vieții.

Concursul International de Șah Turneul Regilor Romgaz

Sport și dezvoltare educațională

CS Popice Romgaz Electromureș

Clubul Sportiv Gaz Metan Mediaş (secția fotbal)

Deasupra norilor

Implicare în comunitatea sportivă

  • The Kings Tournament Kings Tournament, an event of success, where Romgaz is involved together with the Elisabeta Polihroniade Sports Club Association, has become one of the most appreciated competition of its kind worldwide, being recognized by the Romanian Chess Federation as well as the International Chess Federation (FIDE), and in 2010 it was admitted as the strongest world tournament (GSCA) within the Grand Slam due to the exceptional conditions ensured by the organizers.

Romgaz has also supported this year’s edition (8’th) of the international professional chess competition Kings Tournament, which took place in the period November 22 - 26, 2014. The format of the Kings Tournament’s latest edition was a team competition, a match between the reigning Olympic Team Champion of China and the Olympic Team of Romanian, organized under the Scheveningen system, where each player on one team plays each player on the other team.

The House of Natural Gas hosted in Medias the only Grand Slam tournament played in Romania, having the umpirage coordinated by the renowned Faik Gasanov (Azerbaijan) and seconded by Radu Chirila, international referee.

Within the Kings Tournament, the 2014 edition, the chess tournament Open Romgaz was organized at the Middle School No. 5, the Sports Hall, opened to all fans of the King Sport. The prize competition was organized on age categories, 1st to 4’th grade, 5’th to 8’th grade, high school, seniors and veterans, in seven rounds of 15 minutes/player. Over 170 players from the counties of Sibiu, Alba and Mures participated in the competition, which is registered at the Romanian Chess Federation.

By investing in intelligence, the organizers of this competition would like to continue the tradition started in 2007, with the 1st edition of the Kings Tournament, but especially to promote the mind sport in Romania.

  • National School Chess Championship „Elisabeta Polihroniade”

This project focuses on the educational and personal development of the young people, being one of the social responsibility project of Romgaz. Promoting the Romanian chess represents a modality for Romgaz to attract attention on the importance of this sport for the young people education and intelligence development.

Romgaz sustains the chess, king sport, by joining the protocol regarding the organization of the national school chess championship „Elisabeta Polihroniade” for the secondary school students.

Starting with the year 2014, chess becomes an optional discipline in the schools, being included in the curriculum at the primary school decision. The collaboration protocol regarding the National Program „Education by chess in the pre university school” has been signed during the opening ceremony of the National school chess Championship „Elisabeta Polihroniade” 2014.





  • Sport Club Gaz Metan Medias (Basketball department)

The Basketball Team Gaz Metan Medias plays under the Sport Club Gaz Metan Medias colo The team has been one of the favorites in winning titles in Romanian basketball competitions.






  • Sport Club Gaz Metan Medias (Football department)

Set up in 1945, the Sport Club Gaz Metan Medias football department had diverse names KARRES, C.S.M.M., Zorile Rosii, Flacara Medias, still the first documents mentioning Medias football appeared as early as 1934.

In the return tour of „A” league, 1948 - 1940, the team belonging to Vitrometan factory was taken over by Gaz Metan, but the championship had been compromised and thus the club team left the first league. The team came back to the first league, for one year, in 2000, then in the season 2008 - 2009.









  • Romgaz Electromures

The nine pines division was set up in 1950. In the 90’s, when the federation decided that the men teams should play on four-lane alleys, since in Medias there were no such alleys, the men team was dissolved, the activity being carried on by the women team. This team currently plays in the National Championship, being one of the most emblematic teams which at the moment play in the National Championship and is one of the most emblematic bowling teams in Romania. Along time, the team has won several national and international titles, with an impressive prize list.







  • Above the clouds

Caba Dan Sorin, employee of Romgaz Company since 2006, is a passionate mountain climber, his passion dating since early childhood. Dan has marked, until the age of 28, an impressive portfolio, climbing 37 mountains in Romania and some of the most tempting world peaks: Mont Blanc 4810 m (2007), Elbrus 5642m (2009) and Uhuru Peak – Kilimanjaro 5895 m (2011), Aconcagua (2012).