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2020 Dividends

On April 27, 2021, the General Meeting of Shareholders approved the annual financial statements for the year ended on December 31, 2020, the distribution of net profit achieved in 2020, the total gross dividend per share related to the 2020 result and to retained earnings and the payment date.

Information regarding the dividends:

·         The total value of the Gross Dividend is 1.79 RON / share, applicable withholding tax payable will be deducted prior to payment, at the legal rate. According to the Romanian Fiscal Code, the standard tax rate applicable to dividends is 5%;

·         Net dividends payment will start on June 30, 2021 (Payment Date) and will continue for a period of 3 years; the deadline for payment is June 30, 2024;

·         ROMGAZ shareholders registered in the Shareholders Registry (kept by Depozitarul Central) on the Record Date June 8, 2021 have the right to receive dividends;

·         „Ex-date”, the date as of which the financial instruments are traded without the right of receiving dividends, is June 7, 2021

Dividends are being paid in RON via Depozitarul Central S.A. and the Payment Agent BRD – Groupe Societe Generale S.A.


A. For individuals/legal entities/other entities having accounts opened with a PARTICIPANT/INTERMEDIARY (SSIF/ Custodian Bank/ Broker)

              → through Participants in Depozitarul Central S.A. system

B. For individuals/legal entities/other entities who do not have an account opened with a PARTICIPANT/INTERMEDIARY (SSIF/ Custodian Bank/ Broker) 

     B.1. Through BANK TRANSFER in compliance with the requests sent directly to Depozitarul Central S.A.

     B.2. Through the PAYMENT AGENT, BRD - Groupe Societe Generale S.A:  

                 → In CASH – exclusively for individuals

                 → Through BANK TRANSFER – for individuals/ legal entities/ other entities.

List of BRD agencies: