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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

The Code of Corporate Governance provides for the main action directions and basic rules assumed by ROMGAZ management of with regard to corporate governance.

Structure Of The Board Of Directors

SNGN ROMGAZ SA is managed in a one-tier system by the Board of Directors formed by seven (7) directors.

Reference Documents

Reference Documents of SNGN ROMGAZ SA

Programs And Strategy

ROMGAZ 2015-2025 Stategic Development Platform


The Director General of SNGN Romgaz SA, as legal representative of the company, assumes the fundamental values ​​and principles promoted by the National Anticorruption Strategy 2016-2020.

CEO Selection Procedure

The documents referring to the CEO selection procedure.

Board Of Directors Selection Processes

Documents regarding the selection processes of the members of the Board of Directors of the National Society of Natural Gas Romgaz S.A.

Social Responsibility

Romgaz activities in the field of social responsibility are performed voluntarily, beyond the legal responsibilities, the company being aware of its role in society.