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Article 4, paragraph 1 of the REGULATION (EU) No. 1227/2011 of the European Parliament and the Council of October 25, 2011 wholesale energy market integrity and transparency (REMIT) provides that the market participants shall publicly disclose in an effective and timely manner inside information which they possess in respect of business or facilities which the market participant concerned, or its parent undertaking or related undertaking, owns or controls or for whose operational matters that market participant or undertaking is responsible, either in whole or in part.

The wholesale energy market transparency requires disclosure of inside information in a way to allow its dissemination to the widest possible public, giving all users of that information easy and equal access. According to ACER, in order to ensure that the obligation to disclose in an effective and timely manner in accordance with Article 4 (1) of REMIT, inside information should be disclosed through central platforms that aggregate urgent market messages (UMMs) from several market participants and allow its immediate dissemination to the general public.

Romgaz discloses this information on Central European Gas Hub platform (CEGH):