Structure of the Board of Directors

SNGN ROMGAZ SA is managed in a one- tier system by the Board of Directors formed by seven (7) directors.

No. Name Role * GMS Resolution Institution of Employment Professional Qualification CVs Wealth and Interest Declarations
1 Gheorghe Gheorghe - Gabriel

Non-executive Independent Chairman

no. 1 / 25 aprilie 2017

State Secretary

jurist PDF icon CV PDF icon W&I
2 Tcaciuc Sebastian Gabriel

Non-executive Independent Member

no.3 / 25 March 2016

Auris Capital

economist PDF icon CV PDF icon W&I
3 Jansen Petrus Antonius Maria

Non-executive Independent Member

no.20 / 30 December 2013

London School of Business and Finance

economist PDF icon CV PDF icon W&I
4 Buzatu Florin Dănuț

Non-executive Independent Member

no.10 / 15 November 2016

Societatea de Administrare a Investitiilor Muntenia Invest S.A.

economist PDF icon CV PDF icon W&I
5 Stan Bogdan – Nicolae

Non-executive Member

no. 1 / 25 April 2017

Agenția Națională de Administrare Fiscală

economist PDF icon CV
6 Chirilă Alexandru

Non-executive Independent Member

no. 1 / 25 April 2017 engineer PDF icon CV
7 Metea Virgil Marius

Executive Non-independent Member

nr. 1 / 25 aprilie 2017


engineer PDF icon CV


* The members of the Board of Directors have submitted the declarations of independence.

** W&I = Wealth and Interest Declarations

Advisory Committees


Within the Board of Directors, three (3) advisory committees were established.

Audit Committee:
•        Mr. Jansen Petrus Antonius Maria                        chairperson
•        Mr. Tcaciu Sebastian – Gabriel                               member
•        Mr. Buzatu Florin Dănuț                                          member
•        Mr. Gheorghe Gheorghe Gabriel                           member
Nomination and Remuneration Committee:
•         Mr. Tcaciuc Sebastian – Gabriel                             chairperson
•         Mr. Jansen Petrus Antonius Maria                         member
•         Mr. Buzatu Florin Dănuț                                          member
•         Mr. Chirilă Alexandru                                               member
•         Mr. Gheorghe Gheorghe Gabriel                           member
Strategy Committee:
•         Mr. Gheorghe Gheorghe Gabriel                          chairperson
•         Mr. Buzatu Florin Dănuț                                         member
•         Mr.  Chirilă Alexandru                                             member
•         Mr. Stan Bogdan-Nicolae                                        member
•         Mr. Virgil Marius Metea                                           member