Structure of the Board of Directors

SNGN ROMGAZ SA is managed in a one- tier system by the Board of Directors formed by seven (7) directors.

No. Name Role * GMS Resolution Institution of Employment Professional Qualification CV WI
1 Stan-Olteanu Manuela - Petronela

Non-executive Chairman

nr.6/26 iunie 2019

Secretary of State of the Government

Lawyer PDF icon CV
2 Havrilet Niculae

Non-executive Member

nr.6/26 iunie 2019

Ministry Of Energy

engineer PDF icon CV
3 Ciobanu Romeo-Cristian

Non - executive Independent Member

no. 8/06 July 2018

Tehnical University of Iasi

PhD in Engineering PDF icon CV PDF icon W&I
4 Parpala Caius-Mihai

Non-executive Member

nr.6/26 iunie 2019

ANAR - Mures Water Administration - Arad Water Management System

engineer PDF icon CV
5 Harabor Tudorel

Non-executive Member

nr.6/26 iunie 2019 economist PDF icon CV
6 Cimpeanu Nicolae

Non-executive Member

nr.6/26 iunie 2019

OMV PETROM Global Solution S.R.L.

economist PDF icon CV
7 Jansen Petrus Antonius Maria

Non-executive Independent Member

no. 8 / 06 July 2018

London School of Business and Finance

economist PDF icon CV PDF icon W&I


*The members of the Board of Directors have submitted the declarations of independence.

**W&I = Wealth and Interest Declarations


Directors having competences delegated by the Board of Directors:

Comitete consultative

Within the Board of Directors, three (3) advisory committees were established.

Audit Committee 

  • Jansen Petrus Antonius Maria - chairman
  • Ciobanu Romeo-Cristian - member 
  • Havrilet Niculae - member
  • Cimpeanu Nicolae - member
  • Harabor Tudorel - member

Nomination and Remuneration Committee       

  • Stan-Olteanu Manuela-Petronela - chairman 
  • Harabor Tudorel - member
  • Parpala Caius-Mihai - member

Strategy Committee      

  • Havrilet Niculae - chairman
  • Ciobanu Romeo-Cristian - member
  • Jansen Petrus Antonius Maria - member
  • Cimpeanu Nicolae - member
  • Parlapa Caius-Mihai- member

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