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Technological Transport and Maintenance Branch

ROMGAZ performs, through one of its branches, transportation of goods and people, technological transportationTechnological Transport and Maintenance Branch
particularly, and maintenance activity for the benefit of the company and third parties.
The activities are:

  • diagnosis, maintenance and repairs of vehicles (including tractors and bulldozers);
  • metallic plate works and pipeline repairs;
  • machining;
  • repair and winding of electric motors;
  • verification and charging of extinguishers;
  • maintenance, inspection, and repairs of drying stations, water pumps, pressure regulators, and construction of water and gas installations;
  • general attendance (carpentry, central heating etc.);
  • automation, electrical and electronic revisions and maintenance for gas compressors;
  • construction and maintenance of well access roads;
  • pavement of platforms and of access roads;
  • construction of well perimeter and restoration of land to the agricultural circuit.

The Laboratory for Equipment Testing and Automation performs, for the production branches, fast and correct diagnostic tests, necessary parameter adjustments in order to maintain the facilities in operation, as well as the exchange of technical information.

Currently, the Technological Transportation and Maintenance Branch has 650 vehicles for general goods and for persons, as well as special facilities for the gas industry.

Since its foundation, its main objective has been the car fleet refurbishment and the investment in modern equipment, in order to develop for each market share, a package of modern services at European standards. Currently, the branch uses all available resources to perform complex and fast services by its technological and transportation means.