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Romgaz was scored 10 for communication with investors

For the second consecutive year, ROMGAZ has been scored 10 according to VEKTOR methodology, the capital market communication indicator for companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, by the Romanian Association for Investor Relations (ARIR).

"Communication with investors is an essential aspect of any company's success on the capital market. In this context, ROMGAZ has demonstrated not only increased transparency for investors, but also a proactive and innovative approach. One of the outstanding aspects of ROMGAZ's communication strategy has been its ability to respond promptly and effectively to market changes and investor demands. Transparency in reporting financial and operational performance, together with a detailed approach to projects and strategic directions, have created a climate of confidence and stability among investors," stated Razvan Popescu, CEO of ROMGAZ.

As of December 4, ARIR started the VEKTOR 2023 evaluation process for 80 companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange in the main market and for 38 companies on the AeRO market. VEKTOR valuation results are audited every year by Mazars, an international company, which provides integrated audit, tax and financial advisory services.

In order to align with best practices, the VEKTOR evaluation methodology is updated annually by a committee composed of the President of the BVB, the President of ARIR, representatives of the issuers, brokerage firms and institutional and individual investors, in consultation with the listed companies.