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National Anticorruption Strategy

The National Anticorruption Strategy 2021 – 2025 was adopted by Government Decision No. 1269/2021 published in the Official Gazette No.1218 of December 22, 2021. The National Anticorruption Strategy 2021 – 2025 is correlated with the international instruments to which Romania is party, such as GRECO, with the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism and with its related objectives.
In this context, S.N.G.N. Romgaz S.A. continues to rigorously and responsible comply with the fundamental values based on which it performs its activity, namely involvement, responsibility and zero tolerance towards corruption.
Moreover, the company’s management condemns corruption in all its forms as well as the conflict of interests and incompatibilities as phenomena that affect the company’ objectives and trust. It firmly expresses the commitment to continue anticorruption efforts by all appropriate legal and administrative mean and adopts together with company’s representatives the measures and mechanisms necessary for sustaining and promoting the increase of the compliance with and implementation level of legal integrity standards reflected in the annexes to the National Anticorruption Strategy 2021-2025.
Corruption prevention measures are an integral part of the management plans prepared and undertaken by company’s employees and are periodically evaluated in order to increase institutional integrity.