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Cement plug milling equipment


  • Cement plug milling equipmentDescription
  • The IFI 490 independent milling equipment manufactured by UPET is used for milling cement plugs when a conserved well restarts production, milling of clogged sand plugs, milling of cement plugs for reactivation of production objectives that were previously isolated.

    All components for these installations are mounted on two skids: one skid supports the main equipment formed of the DFID150/490 hydraulic device and the power unit equipped with all necessary components and accessories, operator cabin, reservoirs for drain fluid removal and supply hoists, and the second skid supporting the hydraulic motor head together with the relating hoists.

  • Equipment available at SIRCOSS and its location according to areas of operation
Location SIRCOSSUnits
Medias Services Unit6
Mures Services Unit4
Ploiesti Services Unit2
  • Number of operating days
Number of Days560433290378659410591404
Cement plug milling equipment