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The development phase of the Domino and Pelican Sud deposits begins

S.N.G.N. ROMGAZ S.A. (Romgaz) informs that Domino and Pelican South natural gas commercial reservoirs development plan has been confirmed by the Mineral Resources National Agency. This moment represents the actual start of the development phase of the commercial reservoirs and it involves drilling and construction of the necessary infrastructure for exploiting and marketing natural gas.

Domino and Pelican South natural gas commercial reservoirs development plan was submitted by ROMGAZ BLACK SEA LIMITED Branch together with OMV Petrom for the Mineral Resources National Agency confirmation, on June 21, 2023.

Răzvan Popescu, Romgaz CEO: „The confirmation of Domino and Pelican South natural gas commercial reservoirs development plan, by the Mineral Resources National Agency, represents the phase where the commercial reservoirs development begins, a new milestone for Neptun Deep Project. This important phase is proof that the decision to invest in Neptun Deep project was an accurate decision, for Romgaz’ benefit as well as for ensuring and consolidating the energetic security in Romania.”

Aristotel Marius Jude, Romgaz Deputy CEO: „We reached a major target for Neptun Deep project, respectively the confirmation of the resources and reserves in Neptun Deep perimeter. We will remain engaged in reaching this project’s objectives, which shall result in indisputable benefits for Romania’s energetic independence. On behalf of Romgaz, we thank all the teams that were involved in this project, as well as the Mineral Resources National Agency for the continuous efforts in reaching this target”.  



  • S.N.G.N. ROMGAZ S.A. (Romgaz) is the sole shareholder of ROMGAZ BLACK SEA LIMITED owning a 50% interest in the Neptun XIX deepwater area ("Neptun Deep") and the other 50% interest is held by OMV Petrom which is also the operator of the Neptun Deep project.
  • Developing the commercial reservoirs involves an infrastructure which includes 10 wells, 3 underwater production systems and the related collecting pipelines, an offshore platform, the main pipeline towards Tuzla and a gas measurement station. The platform generates its own electricity, operating at the highest safety and environmental protection standards. The entire infrastructure shall be remotely operated through a digital twin. This allows optimizing the processes and it shall add to environment performance enhancement by making energy consumption more efficient and reducing emissions.
  • ROMGAZ and OMV Petrom shall invest up 4 billion Euros for the project’s development phase.
  • Neptun Deep shall ensure an estimated natural gas volume of 100 billion cubic meters.
  • The first estimated production is 2027.
Neptun Deep