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Fire drill at ROMGAZ headquarters in Medias

ROMGAZ, in collaboration with the Emergency Situations Inspectorate “Cpt. Dumitru Croitoru” Sibiu, Medias Fire Department, organized a fire drill at its headquarters in Medias.

The simulated scenario involved the outbreak of fire in a room of the building, 4 employees being trapped on the roof in the attempt to evacuate the building. The simulated search and rescue mission against time was successfully completed, the employees being rescued by the intervention team; one person was taken over by the medical crew.

The purpose of the exercise was to train and test the action and coordination of the intervention teams in case of fire in the headquarters building, as well as to train ROMGAZ personnel for optimal management of a critical situation in the event of a fire.

Training for prevention of emergency situations by familiarizing employees with rules and measures of conduct in various critical situations was a success for all parties involved.