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Future Projects

ROMGAZ is constantly focusing its efforts on satisfying the customers’ requirements and mitigating the environmental impact of its activity, ensuring a clean environment for future generations.  As a proof of an effective management, oriented towards cultural values that consider quality and sustainable development as fundamental factors of progress, Romgaz has a certified integrated management system for quality, environment, occupational health and safety and energy.

Romgaz vision to consolidate its position on Romanian markets is undertaken by the Policy Statement regarding Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and Energy transposed into the mission of producing and supplying energy, well maintenance and technological transport, under conditions of quality, safety, continuity, flexibility efficient use of material and human resources, while complying with the legal environmental, financial, information  and sustainable development requirements under conditions of continuous increase of performance, competitiveness and own value.

We constantly strive to improve the efficiency of environmental protection as support of Romgaz managerial process by:

  • Pollution prevention;
  • Implementation of environmental protection programs and actions;
  • Maintenance and constant improvement of environmental performances;
  • Periodic review of environmental performance to monitor progress made by Romgaz;

We act in order to:

  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements by operating in a responsible manner towards the environment;
  • Reduce consumption of utilities and materials as well as the level of polluting emissions;
  • Integrate environmental aspects in all decision-making processes;
  • Communicate and cooperate with all suppliers and stakeholders to minimize the environmental impact of their operations;
  • Promote respect towards the environment in harmony with economic growth in each strategic decision;

We invest in:

  • Closed systems for collecting produced oilfield water during well operation;
  • Closed systems for separating produced oilfield water and methane gas at wells under production tests (discharge/swabbing etc.), re-completion, interventions;
  • Compressor replacing/revamping aiming to reduce consumption of electric power, methane gas, oils and technological water, as well as the level of noise/vibration;
  • Gas dehydration process with minimum consumption of power and raw material;
  • Use of means of transport with low fuel consumption;
  • Recovery of waste resulted from Romgaz activity;
  • Well abandonment and restoring land to its former condition as agricultural land;
  • Construction/upgrading sewage/industrial water treatment plants and reuse of water in the technological flow;
  • Construction of injection wells;
  • Eliminating all gas losses during transmission;
  • Best quality pipelines/valves in order to eliminate costs related to current repairs and recompletions;
  • Landslide studies with a view to prevent production accidents;

We opt for:

  •  “green acquisitions”;
  • the best and most efficient available technologies in investment decisions, from an economic and environmental point of view;

ROMGAZ defined for 2021 – 2030 a series of priorities to contribute significantly to the Group’s short and medium term sustainable development:

·           Maximizing the recovery factor of hydrocarbon reserves under safety, reliable and sustainable conditions.

o    Extending production from mature gas fields – 16 commercial fields ensure approximately 56.4% of the Company’s annual production, structured in 9 projects; multidisciplinary teams, integrated efforts between human resources, technologies, equipment and information;

o    Technical, economic and management strategies to maximize production and implicitly to increase the gas reserves recovery factor under profitability conditions;

o    The production strategy is reviewed during production, after recording a significant production history and a considerable depletion, implicitly. The approach aims at improving the value of the mature field;

·           Producing sustainable energy – Electricity and energy with low CO2 emissions

o    Development of 180 MW capacities to generate electricity from renewables – a 60 MW solar park to be operational by the end of 2023;

o    Assessing the feasibility to construct new gas-fired power plants, including use of green energy and hydrogen (possible locations Halânga, Mintia, Constanța) subject to securing project financing and possibility to access grants;

·           Assessment of feasibility and implementation of power plants projects to be made by Romgaz or in partnership(s)

o    Assessing the feasibility to book capacity in gas-fired power plants provided Romgaz keeps the title on natural gas and on resulting electricity;

o    Capacity booking in power plants, under feasibility conditions, in compliance with applicable legislation;

·           Decarbonisation of the Exploration-Production segment

o    Emphasis on using electrically-driven drilling rigs;

o    Reducing gas emissions during well testing;

o    Management of NOx emissions during exploration;

·           Production

o    Implement a program to detect and reduce fugitive emissions as part of the production equipment integrity management system;

o    Reduction of execution time to develop production facilities in order to decrease energy consumption and emissions, respectively;

o    Use of flow-back closed systems at technological well groups;

o    Reduce emissions at compressor stations;

o    Reduce transportation by vehicles of liquids resulted from production operations;

o    Reduction of flaring gas through methane capture systems and methane added value solutions;

·           Reduce emissions and increase efficiency of gas production surface facilities – Modernize equipment and facilities

o    High-technology equipment in order to reduce pollutant emissions

o    Solutions for methane capture

§  5 compressor stations

§  5 dehydration stations

§  Technological groups

·           10% reduction of emissions

·           Modernization and efficiency enhancement of the existing motor vehicle fleet

o    By 2030 - 80% of the motor vehicle fleet to run on low emission fuels;

o    Replacement of diesel busses with busses using green energy;

o    Replacement of diesel or petrol cars with cars using green energy;

o    Replacement of specific heavy-duty diesel vehicles with vehicles using green energy (investments of Euro 59 million/annual savings of Euro 4.5 million)

·           Business diversification

o    Assessing the feasibility to make new investments/acquisitions and implementing projects in the distribution sector;   

o    Conducting an opportunity study and feasibility studies, if applicable, to assess the construction of methanol and olefin production units; assessing the feasibility and the implementation of such projects to be made by Romgaz or in partnership;

o    Development of Gas to Power projects in terms of feasibility with a view to exploit marginal/isolated natural gas reservoirs;

o    Development of hydrogen production to secure green fuel and supply to consumers;

o    Assessment and hydrogen production feasibility study for the use of final customers; assessing the feasibility and the implementation of such projects to be made by Romgaz or in partnerships;

o    Converting 20% of the motor vehicle fleet into green vehicles using hydrogen for fuel;

·           Training human resources to embrace future trends in the field of sustainable energy

o    Preparing future specialists

o    Support in enhancing the quality of education in the field of energy by involving our company in practical activities of pupils/students;

o    Mentoring programs;

o    Recruitment of young graduates;

o    Increasing satisfaction and engagement of employees.

·           Sustainable business development

o    Raise business ethics awareness for all employees through training courses and communication sessions on compliance with NetZeRomGaz;

o    Evaluate the social impact, needs and risks of Romgaz operations for all new projects;

o    Promote health projects for local communities;

o    Human rights training sessions for all employees exposed to human rights risks;

o    Development of in-house internship and training programs.


o    Improvement of efficiency in terms of carbon emissions caused by ROMGAZ operations and product portfolio. 

o    Climate change mitigation and responsible management of resources.

Performance indicators

·         10% reduction of CO2 emissions generated by ROMGAZ operations by 2030 (as compared to 2020);

·         No new project with gas flaring and discharge in the atmosphere by latest 2030;

·         10% reduction of technological gas consumptions by 2030 (as compared to 2020).