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Mud Tank with blender

Mud Tank with blender


The tanks are intended to prepare or to store milling fluids (milling muds, brine, fresh water) for technological purposes for well recompletion operations or to store reservoir water resulting from swabbing, discharge, leveling operations, etc.

  • Technical details:

·         4’’ suction manifold with 4’’ rapid coupling and 4’’ butterfly valve;

·         vertical agitator that is characterized according to the technical chart, as a “propeller-type mechanical agitator”, type V 10/2MA-16-V05 with geared engine;

·         grounding outlet (clamps, cable, electrode);

·         the blender is covered with a walkable grid-type cover welded on the tank;

·         milling fluids directing systems;

·         protection fence and climbing stairs to the tank’s platform.

These tanks can be used together with the shale shakers for the removal of mill cuttings from circulation fluids.

  • Equipment available at SIRCOSS

Our tanks have different volumes:

1.    2.2 cubic meters = 5 units;

2.    15 cubic meters = 3 units;

3.    40 cubic meters = 5 units.

  • Number of operating days
Number of Days38469583409420387233267
Mud Tank with blender