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Participation in “Restart & Repower România – New energy and development strategy"

Răzvan POPESCU, ROMGAZ CEO, spoke during the summit "Restart & Repower România – New energy and development strategy", organized by Antena 3, about the increase of natural gas and hydrocarbon production in the first quarter, about Neptun Deep project as well as about the new European politics and reducing CO2 emissions footprint. 

”Romgaz recorded a 4.5% increase in natural gas production and a 32% increase in condensate production, as compared to the similar period of last year. The increase of hydrocarbon production was achieved by implementing specific measures, such as bringing 17 new wells on stream, bringing as many inactive wells back into production as possible, through intervention works and recompletion operations” stated Mr. Popescu. Moreover, among the factors leading to production enhancement, he also mentioned the reduction of overhaul/repair periods for gas compression and dehydration facilities, ensuring optimal operation of all gas compression and dehydration facilities, increasing productivity of wells below their potential flow rate by applying specific water removal methods and continuing rehabilitation of main mature natural gas fields. As regards decarbonization and reducing CO2 emissions footprint, Mr. Razvan Popescu believes these to be essential for Romgaz. ”Every step we take in this direction makes a huge difference, every individual action contributes to a positive collective impact. Investments considered by Romgaz in the coming period shall change the company’s image. Congratulations to Romgaz team of professionals for the results achieved!”