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Shale Shaker


  • Shale ShakerDescription

Shale shakers are used for cleaning milling fluids of impurities retained during milling operations or during cement plug millings.

These shakers are used together with agitator tanks in order to achieve an optimum upkeep of the milling fluids and for their maintenance under suitable conditions.

  • Characteristics:

Shaker type: Mud-Data MD 803 S, Screen Separator;

Vibration type: linear;

Vibrator type: vibramotor, explosion-proof (ATEX), 2 x x2.5 KW/50 Hz;

G force: adjustable up to 8 G nominal;

quantity: 3 pieces;

shaker type: flat or pyramidal;

shaker size: 48” x 30”;

shaker straining: fast connections;

shaker support: polyurethane;

size:    length– 2,800 mm;

width– 1,620 mm;

height– 1,415 mm;

weight– 1,850 mm.

  • Equipment available at SIRCOSS

SIRCOSS has 3 shale shakers transportable to the location where fluid conditioning is required.


  • Number of operation hours
Number of Hours1951981211012027515789
Shale Shaker