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T50 Workover Rig

T50 Workover RigDescription

  • TW50/2 CA-A4 is a self-propelled workover rig, nominal hook load 50tf, installed on a ROMAN 48365 VFAE autochassis, driven by a CAT C10 power group, 365 CP/2,100 rpm, Allison CLBT 755 DB transmission system with incorporated TC 496 converter. As opposed to TW50 rig, the T50 is mounted on semitrailer.

    Technical details:

    - maximum load at hoisting hook (with chassis anchors) 50 tf;

    - mast checkout static load (with chassis anchors) 65 tf;

    - lenth of operated pipes: 18m;

    - diameter of hoisting cable: 25mm;

    - number of crane ropes: 6;

    - speed gears of drawworks: 5+1R;

    - number of drums on drawworks: 2;

    - control panel for drawworks;

    - pneumatic drawworks control;

    - band breaking system, manually or pneumatically activated;

    Maximum working depths for workover operations:

    - 2 7/8 inch tubing (12.93 kg/m): 4,500 m;

    - 3 1/2 inch tubing (17.27 kg/m): 3,300 m;

    - free mast height from the ground: 30.2 m;

    Monkey board from the ground:

    - level I 18.1 m;

    - level II 19.6 m;

    - level III 21.1 m;

    Maximum accepted wind speed for rig operation:

    - with maximum load on hook, stands on derrick, no safety anchors: 70km/h;

    - no hook load, stands on derrick, with safety anchors to the ground: 110km/h;

    - no hook load, no stands on derrick: 160 km/h;

    Chassis type: AB 48365 VFAE

    - Caterpillar C10 engine;

    - power/turns 365 CP/ 2100 rpm;

  • Depending on the rig fit-out, it can perform the following operations:
  • - run in and pull out of hole tubing string - drilling of cement or sand plugs;

    - side-tracking, well deepening;

    - works designed to start well production;

    - bailing and swabbing operations;

    - other well operations at depths specific to hook loads up to 50 tf.

  • Equipment available at SIRCOSS and its location according to areas of operation
Location SIRCOSSUnitsUnit Type
Medias Services Unit2T50
Medias Services Unit2TW50
Ploiesti Services Unit1T50
Mures Services Unit1TW50
  • Number of operated wells
Number of Wells1323242216242214
T50 Workover Rig