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Workover rigs are used for the following gas well operations:

  • up-hole withdrawal by plugging the unproductive layer and perforating a superior one. After the depletion of all productive layers in a well, well abandonment works can commence;
  • plug and abandonment;
  • well completions (packers, stainless steel screens, circulating valves, plunger lift, etc.);
  • workover operations are performed to reinstate production in gas reservoirs that contain proven resources of economic interest. Workover operations are performed at wells that during the production tests, performed after drilling operations, indicated insufficient pressure for exploitation through the collector pipes due to the high pressure of the other formation wells, the former being thus conserved. Along with the pressure drop in the gas field, the conserved wells can be reput into production.
  • gravelpacking of poorly consolidated layers with sand inflow by means of introducing a bottom-hole assembly followed by quartz sand packing of stainless material screens;
  • Side-tracking and re-entry operations performed for reaching the interest zone.

For this type of operations, SIRCOSS uses 29 work teams which are on location at differnet gas fields within S.N.G.N. Romgaz S.A.’s portfolio. Also, we perform operations within SIRCOSS’s sphere of operation on request by companies holding under concession gas fields awarded by the Romanian Government.